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Flint Knapping course

Rated 5.0 out of 5
3rd November 2023

Spent the day with Will just a fantastic person to be around. I had an absolute brilliant day hoping to go next year to book another course .

The group of people I was with was brilliant as well they made my day we had a laugh

Thank you

I made a few things and got to bring them home. They’ve got pride place in my cupboard.


4 day Stone Age Experience

Rated 5.0 out of 5
23rd October 2023

Thankyou Will for a great 4 days. Welcoming, friendly, relaxed and comfortable ensures a great time is had by all. Add the expert tuition and knowledge from this wonderful man and you will want to experience this again. I already have plans for my next visit. Thanks again Will….outstanding!

Steve Shorter

Four day Stone Age experience

Rated 5.0 out of 5
23rd October 2023

Inspirational., exceptional and wonderful. What can I say? Absolutely amazing but bloody hard work both physically and mentally. I have done a few courses with Wil that have been special. This one however was exceptional because I had the opportunity to share it with my eldest Richard soon to be thirty four hence the booking lol. Arrived Wednesday came home knackered on Sunday. Start to finish. The package is what it says a Stone age experience! Arrive at the gate and its blocked by those that want to get in but haven’t tried the gate lol. Booked, arrived, excited but lost, not me but those at the gate What to do? What to say? Where to go? That’s why you booked! That’s why your here! You are here to experience something knew! Let the experience begin!!!!! A very bumpy and uneven surface leads the way to nothing you have experienced or expected but you have booked, and you are here, looking for something knew. The track widens but your still lost, follow your instincts, follow the smoke, find your goal. Top of the hill you see where you are going. descending into the pit of expectation, an experience of the unknown, one that you have dreamed of, booked but not really known what you are doing and/or getting. Try it what have you got to lose? More importantly what have you got to gain? I am a peoples person and I can tell you this, it will change your life! it will give you hope! in a world that is lost in dependence!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live well, live happy but most importantly live your dreams but do not forget the ones that you love and are special in your life. To those that I have met on this course, this experience. Complete strangers on Wednesday with common interests, that left on Sunday I consider you brothers, brothers that are always welcome in my home. Take care , be safe and chase your dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Coker

Our ancestors were very clever!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
15th October 2023

Had a fabulous day with Will and 5 others. Will has an incredible knowledge of stone tool making. He shows great patience and encourages you to be “bold”. The setting is magical, in the woods with all the sounds of the world we have mostly forgotten. If you have any interest in history, especially pre history, you could do a lot worse that spend the day with Will. I think I will be going back again for one of his other courses

Mark Stevens

Flint Knapping Day

Rated 5.0 out of 5
10th October 2023

I recently joined Will for a day’s Flint Knapping experience with about 5 other gentlemen. The experience was unique and will remain with me among my fonder memories. While I had high hopes of mastering the skill of flint knapping (somewhat unrealistically, I know), it turns out that I’m no ‘natural’ at the craft. But I enjoyed it none-the-less and I did learn the basics of how to create a useful and functional tool out of flint, even though I wouldn’t get any points for finesse. I also have a huge amount of respect for those that can do it and indeed used to do it so long ago. It was a marvel to watch Will demonstrate the art. He was able to read the rock so well and so rapidly, knowing exactly how to strike it, at what angle, how hard, and what with (yep, that matters too). His knowledge of ancient history and the relevant crafting skills of the time is extraordinary. He clearly loves sharing his knowledge with others along with the experience of learning the craft. It’s far from easy, but very rewarding. Thank you Will. I hope you continue to share your knowledge and experience with others for many, many years to come.

Tony Lewer

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