Ticket: One-to-one Flint Knapping Tuition 1st August 2024


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Spend a whole day Flint Knapping being guided step by step.

If you have decided that you must move yourself forward with flint knapping then this is the course for you.

The clear benefit of having Will's undivided attention is that he will show you how to plan each move and for each stage of you making tools from flint.

Flint Knapping is a craft that usually needs years of your practice to become proficient of but getting the basic principles in place is essential, this course is going to give you exactly that.

Topics that can be explored are.

  • Pressure Flaking, (arrowheads and platforms)
  • Blade cores, (microliths and blades plus tools made from them)
  • Bi Faces, (axe heads, hand axes and daggers)
  • Gun flints
  • Flints for Building restoration

Student support for university PHD students or college graduates.

Your day begins at 9.00am and finishes at 4.30pm

You may also bring a friend along for the day if you wish.


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