Ticket: 4 Day Stone Age Adventure 13th-16th June 2024


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4 Day Stone Age Adventure in a picturesque unspoiled forest landscape.

During this course you will be taught a group of skills that were used during the Stone Age for survival and tool making, The land itself is enchanting with huge ancient trees surrounding an old quarry that the workshops take place in.

The skills that we will cover during the 4 days are Flint Knapping, Fire Lighting, Natural Cordage, Resin Glues, Hunting and Trapping, Butchery, Tanning plus time permitting bark containers, producing nets and foraging wild plants.

Dealing with each of these subjects is going to be led at your pace so that you get the best from the experience and leave with long lasting enjoyable memories.

During the course we will provide Deer, Hare, Pigeon, Fish etc for a early afternoon/evening meal and along side this there are many other interesting things that will be introduced such as styles of cooking known during the mesolithic such as sand roasted hazel nuts, clay wrapped fish.

Food to bring with you, Breakfast and snacks.

Arrival is from 4.00pm the day before the course begins so you have time to set up your camping equipment.

Leaving will be on  the last day after 4pm

A full kit list will be provided to you after your booking has been received.