It’s Time to Travel Back to the Stone Age with Sarah Day

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Will Lord and his team have been delivering Prehistoric School Experiences in schools for over 5 years. During the last six months, Will has been feeling the call to focus his attention on experimental archaeology, delivering new in-depth courses and producing films to share his knowledge with people all over the world and step back from his work in schools.

He has therefore decided to transfer the Prehistoric School Experiences part of his business to a valued member of his team – Sarah Day. Sarah Day first attended one of Will’s courses when she was thirteen years old and she has been working with Will in schools, at events and on his courses for the last 4years.

Sarah has been interested in Prehistory from the age of five, when a chance find of a fossil led to a wider love of natural and human history. She has worked in the Bushcraft industry for 13 years, primarily for TV survivalist Ray Mears’ company – Woodlore Ltd. Instructing on his courses and teaching a variety of outdoor skills. Sarah also loves to study plants and their many uses, fibrework, basketry and making tools from bone, antler and flint.

Will couldn’t wish for anyone more suitable to take over what he has established – bringing the Stone Age Period to life for thousands of children every year. Will commented, “Sarah Day is a remarkable, unique and talented woman. I know of no other woman who is as keen to explore nature right to the core and truly get into the mindset of human kind during the Stone Age Period”.