Ancient Carving Course

Do you have a fascination about ancient peopled the intricate carvings they made many thousands of years ago, that have survived the tests of time for us to still be able to view today ?

Well this course is all about exploring those artefacts and trying to recreate them, using flint tools and ancient materials we will go on this journey together.

We have many examples of the types of carvings they made such as Venus of Willendorf, the Lion Man and the Swimming Reindeer for you to try to copy plus some rare and interesting materials such as fossilised mammoth bone, Bog Oak 10,000 years old plus lime stone, chalk antler etc that you could explore releasing your project from.

The course will take place at Wills beautiful earth lodge on Euston estate in Suffolk and you will get to keep what you have made at the end of the course, and go home with a new appreciation of how these artefacts were made and the dedicated skill of these ancient artists.


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