A great day will unfold in your classroom with Will Lord and his companions who will arrive as cavemen and women to teach a valuable lesson in prehistory to your class! Covering a wide range of skills and knowledge needed to survive and thrive during this period.

We arrive the day before to set up a structure that has a high visual impact including images of the best known cave painting from around the world.

At first sight, Will and companions, named Wood and Sea and Mema, can seem a little scary to the children, however this is soon overcome with a comical introduction of themselves experiencing the modern world at your school.

School Visit3

During the visit we will separate the Stone Age period into its 3 classical categories, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic, finally  showing how the Bronze age began. Not only will we have a large range of props with us that we have made, we also bring along a collection of real artifacts that the children are welcome to handle.

School Visit 4

Part of the day will be looking at the creation of fire using Iron Pyrite nodules to catch a spark as it was in the stone age, we then explain the importance of fire to man kind and how it alone helped to shape our future.

My dinner runs away, Just how do you survive when you enter the plant and animal kingdom.

This is such a great subject and we separate it into poisons, herbs, roots, tubers, nuts and berries, then we enter the strangle mangle dangle and tangle approach to catching your lunch.

This is then compounded by gutting fish or skinning a small deer, you decide then we look at the vital organs for traps and glues with a few of the children having a go themselves before cooking it in the fire we have made. 

Each school that contacts us has different class sizes and wants to know how we will be able to co-operate with their individual needs, so we treat this with great importance and after your first contact with us you will have a clear understanding of how your day will work for you.

During the day dependant on class sizes and our time with each group your Students may get to undertake several Stone Age activities this will teach them simple knots and materials that our ancestors needed for basic survival, and if your play ground and weather permits we will show them they still have the wits and interest of the hunter gatherer.

To begin with please email us at

How do we meet the key stage 2 Curriculum.

During our visit we will separate the stages of man kinds evolution looking at how our species has changed and adapted to our environment.

This will cover many topics such as Language, skills of survival, tool making, materials, seasons, plants, animals and their behaviors, biology of animals, personal health and ancient first aid techniques, including trepanning. Clothing, fire, Ochre ( paint ), Iceage survival, Living with wild animals.






Coming Soon.

Rental pack for schools, with reproduced artifacts, video and worksheets,

Please contact us if you would like information about this. 

Testimonial from a recent school visit

After, recently attending a school,as a caveman in the class room experience, this is the feedback from the school we received including a linked power point film worth watching.
Dear Will and Simon,

thank you for such a brilliant day with our children at Gorseland. Sorry to be so late at saying this. The children learnt so much in many different ways about not just Stone Age people but respecting animals and an unexpected for us was not judging by appearances. So many said how scared they were but then you were friendly so lead to discussion about people looking different and being open minded.
Lots of teachers also brought their classes round for a peek and said this is what we should be doing so much more of. Your visit had a great ripple effect and was way better than we could have hoped. Lou has passed on how great to a friend teacher who has already booked with you I believe. Certainly we will be contacting you for next year!