Course currently Unavailable untill we have obtained more Yew for the bows.


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Come and spend 5 fantastic days making a Yew hunting bow, Flint tipped set of arrows and Deer skin quiver following designs discovered from our prehistoric past.

Day 1 and 2 Producing your bow

For the bow, you will be using english Yew, this material is by far the best material for bows and was often chosen by hunter gatherers during the Mesolithic and Neolithic period, a common choice is the Meare Heath long bow approximate date 5000 years old.

The Yew that we currently have available, is top quality with very few knots, and good balance between heart and sap wood, however as with most Yew chosen for bow making it will have natural characteristics such as bumps and various irregularities to its shape, this often gives it a description  as a character Bow.

During the course you will be invited to use ancient tools and techniques to make your bow, however you are more than welcome to revert to modern tools to speed the job along.


  will-lord-prehistoric bows 

The string will be made from either nettle, flax or tendon fibre, during this you will learn the basics of cordage to create a strong and durable bow string.

tendon bow string 

Day 3. 

Producing a set of Arrows

The arrows will be made from ash with flint tips bound on with sinew, pitch glue and fletched in a style to suit the period.

IMG_8240  Mesolithic arrow

Day 4 and 5 producing your deer skin quiver.



Recreate a reproduction of the arrow quiver used by the ice man named as Otzi to carry his arrows.

Day 4.

Preparing the skin.

Using a suitable hide you will be shown how to attach it to a frame and stretch it out before scraping it with flint and bone scrapers ready for a solution of brain to achieve a basic but ancient brain tan result.


With your prefered cordage material you will produce a suitable length ready to stitch your quiver together.

Day 2.

Begins with you re-scraping the hide and assessing its condition, then cutting out the pattern from the hide.

You will then make the drilled and rebated hazel rod used as a stitching and shape former for the seam of the quiver.


The final part is to stitch the quiver together using Deer bone awls and needles that you will be provided with along with the cordage you have made.


This course is a great opportunity to own these precious items and has come about due to Will Lord having been lucky enough to acquire some fantastic Yew, he will personally lead you to a succesful outcome throughout each part of your 5 day course.

Over the duration of the course you are invited to camp here and use our round house to cook and socialize in, each day the course will begin at 9.30am and run until the work required is complete usually about 5.00pm. 

Attendees on this courses must be over the age of 18

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