This is an intimate course which holds only one or two participants, ideal for father / son's, Husband / Wife or even just friends looking for a great experience.

The Staves are pre made prior to the workshop as the gluing process takes quite a while to dry and for the stave to be ready to be worked on. 

The wood used is Lemon Wood, Purple Heart and Hickory. The Bow will have a leather handle with a Dacron string, the tips of the bow will be capped with buffalo horn.

This is a great value course, the price is actually cheaper than what it would cost to buy a laminate longbow only you get the great experience of learning how to make them too!! Plus you get to take it home!!

Once you have placed your order we will need to know what your desired poundage will be. ( Many opt for around 40lb)

Course Location: Smithy Cottage, 91 Blackthorpe RoadRougham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9JG, United Kingdom

A variety of accommodation options are available locally.

To place a booking please visit our online shop. Arrange a date that suits you best by contacting us before or after placing your booking.

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