Try your hand at the ancient art of Flint Knapping.

IMG_6910Will-Lord Flint Nettle Lime


The skill used by our ancestors to create a range of tools such as hand axes, knives, arrowheads and axe heads.

For those with an interest in the prehistoric era, this offers you a great opportunity to understand the features and characteristics of stone implements.

You can either join a small class under the personal tuition of Will Lord or book on to a day privately where you will be able to have Wills undivided attention, this is often popular for thoses who wish to progress further with this complex craft.

The group course is available for £80 per person or as a one to one private booking the cost is £250.

Start time 9.30am, Finish 4.30pm

This course is sef-catered but refreshments are included throughtout the day.

Pleaser visit our online shop to place a booking.

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