The Prehistoric Experience April 25th-26th 2015

Enjoy a full weekend rediscovering the ancient skills of our ancestors, under the care and supervision of our family and well chosen friendly experts.

Skills, Workshops & Demonstrations:

Flint Knapping - make a range of flint tools with Will and John Lord.

Beakerware pottery & coil pottery tuition - with Tel Turnbull.

Deer butchery - skin and butcher a deer with Nick Mission.

Hide tanning - using ancient methods tan a small section of hide.

Cordage - make animal & plant cordage with Will and Val Lord.

Wild food foraging - explore food from the countryside with Carol Hunt.

Craft workshops - make antler handled flint knife, a felt pouch, bone needles and more at your leisure and with expert supervision.


will-lord prehist2     prehistoric 2

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During the weekend, you will have a chance to reconnect with your food and better understand the stone tools and implements that were used.

Your food will be prepared using prehistoric methods like earth ovens and you there's an opportunity to spend 2 wonderful evenings around a campfire.

Most attendees decide to camp on site, this is also our home so toilet facilities are available, but if you need help with other accommodation options please click here.


For £390 per person the weekend ticket includes food & drink for the duration of your stay.