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  1. Its not every day that you can get such a fantastic length you english yew to make a longbow.


    This was made recently by Will Lord after kindly being allowed to cut down a cared for and pruned yew tree from Rougham estates.

    The bow is 76 " in length and draws comfortably to 32 " and has a 68 lb draw weight.


    Will has used red deer antler for the nocks,and they sit with a nice balance in colour to the yew that as you can see has a wonderfull balance between the heart wood and the sap wood.


    For the handle Will used a leather described as Woodland distressed pig skin, coupled with an antler arrow pass inlaid into the bow limb.

  2. Its not every day that your child will meet a man looking like this, Will Lord goes to schools visiting children aged 7/8 years of age key stage 3/2 and brings the prehistoric world to life.

    Will is accompanied by another caveman and together they unfold some great stories of stone age life and bring some great drama to the class room.

    Please contact us to find out how to book us what we offer and when we are available.

    will-lord schools fox hat