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Hello from Will Lord.

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Thanks for visiting my Prehistoric Blog Spot. Please share this space with ancient heart and imagination.

This is my Mesolithic bender with the tools of my trade.

The Skill required to make an arrowhead such as this needs to be honed over years but the journey of the arrow only takes a moment to either hit or miss its mark. In this blog, I want my arrow to hit the heart of my followers so they can also find a way to enjoy the passage of our ancestors just as I have. So please join in and bring this blog to life with me.

will-lord-barbed and tanged arrowhead

Some thing from the Future.

Flint table made for Fashion designer clare-corrigan-styliste-senior-bijoux-fantaisie-at-louis-vuitton

This will go on show at Fortnam and Mason during October this year 2013.

This is a place where you are invited to be honest and tell us what you would like us to offer, Please share your experiences and become part of our community. This is a new aspect to my site, so we appreciate patience while it builds.

Thanks, Will Lord,

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  1. Tara Barnacle

    Looking forward to my book..and flint :)

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  2. Simon Blackwell

    Fascinating as always Will. I shall call when I return to the UK in December.

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