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After, recently attending a school,as a caveman in the class room experience, this is the feedback from the school we received including a linked power point film worth watching.
Dear Will and Simon,

thank you for such a brilliant day with our children at Gorseland. Sorry to be so late at saying this. The children learnt so much in many different ways about not just Stone Age people but respecting animals and an unexpected for us was not judging by appearances. So many said how scared they were but then you were friendly so lead to discussion about people looking different and being open minded.
Lots of teachers also brought their classes round for a peek and said this is what we should be doing so much more of. Your visit had a great ripple effect and was way better than we could have hoped. Lou has passed on how great to a friend teacher who has already booked with you I believe. Certainly we will be contacting you for next year!
This link takes you to a powerpoint/film our IT man made from your visit, if you would like to use this to share with other schools, please do.

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