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  1. After, recently attending a school,as a caveman in the class room experience, this is the feedback from the school we received including a linked power point film worth watching.
    Dear Will and Simon,

    thank you for such a brilliant day with our children at Gorseland. Sorry to be so late at saying this. The children learnt so much in many different ways about not just Stone Age people but respecting animals and an unexpected for us was not judging by appearances. So many said how scared they were but then you were friendly so lead to discussion about people looking different and being open minded.
    Lots of teachers also brought their classes round for a peek and said this is what we should be doing so much more of. Your visit had a great ripple effect and was way better than we could have hoped. Lou has passed on how great to a friend teacher who has already booked with you I believe. Certainly we will be contacting you for next year!
    This link takes you to a powerpoint/film our IT man made from your visit, if you would like to use this to share with other schools, please do.


    will-lord malachite

    Sourcing Malachite for the Will-Lord Bronze Age Experience can be very difficult these days due to the current market price it is demanding.

    During the 2 day experience you are actually able to crush and smelt this into copper in the footsteps of our forbears of the Bronze age.

    Will Lord created this event to give you an eye-opening experience of how this technology changed our path so significantly from stone into the metal age. bronze age ebay


  3. Will Lord Making Blade with Quartzite and deer antler hammers.
    Setting up a core is the most costly part of the exercise removing damaged material from glacial activity and setting up the form, once this is done all the flakes are cast down the crest from the top of the core, if using the stone age techniques then each intended flake must be prepared prior to release from the top by abrading the edge back so the bulb from the previous release doesn't cause the dorsal end of the flake to be overhanging and weak.

    bladecore will-lord

    blade will-lord

  4. Thanks for visiting my Prehistoric Blog Spot. Please share this space with ancient heart and imagination.

    This is my Mesolithic bender with the tools of my trade.


    The Skill required to make an arrowhead such as this needs to be honed over years but the journey of the arrow only takes a moment to either hit or miss its mark. In this blog, I want my arrow to hit the heart of my followers so they can also find a way to enjoy the passage of our ancestors just as I have. So please join in and bring this blog to life with me.

    will-lord-barbed and tanged arrowhead

    Some thing from the Future.

    Flint table made for Fashion designer clare-corrigan-styliste-senior-bijoux-fantaisie-at-louis-vuitton

    This will go on show at Fortnam and Mason during October this year 2013.

    This is a place where you are invited to be honest and tell us what you would like us to offer, Please share your experiences and become part of our community. This is a new aspect to my site, so we appreciate patience while it builds.

    Thanks, Will Lord,