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  1. Connecting with the prehistoric mind: A weekend spent primitive carving using ancient technology and natural materials. Brilliant!! If this kind of thing is your bag (and it is mine) I cannot recomend it highly enough. Huge thanks to Will, Scott and Sarah for guiding the group on a challenging and enlightening view back to the past. Respect to our 'primitive' ancestors!

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  2. Spent the day on a knapping course yesterday. Will is brilliant and so easy to talk too.
    Is happy to explain anything you need and is very knowledgeable and passionate about this. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to look into this and will 100% be back for other workshops!
    Thanks for a brilliant day Will.

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  3. This is the third course I've done with Will and this time Simon. They never seem to disappoint our expectations and are very good value for money. The interest and commitment expressed by these two is hard to find these days on courses and my son & I look forward to joining them on many more - Thank you.

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  4. My wife, my two sons and I attended the prehistoric workshop on 21st May and Simply put, it was the
    best experience day I and my family ever had.
    Will and Simon were fantastic. There ability to demonstrate while passing on there knowledge is both fun and set at a level that everyone enjoys.
    My family came away with an enhanced understanding of prehistoric history and the invention and intellect our ancestors had to survive.
    Being guest lead the workshop allows you to fully throw yourself into all aspect of the workshop that really grip your attention.
    I loved the Flint knapping and my sons had a great time skinning, cutting up and cooking deer and learning how to forage and set traps.
    This experience was so much fun and truly rewarding.
    Thank you again, Will and Simon.

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  5. Hi Will
    I would just like to say a big thank you for your hospitality and teaching on the Foraging from a carcass course which i attended at the end of January. The course really opened my eyes to a new way of understanding of how our ancestors used to live and i am looking forward to bringing my son on one of your family days later in the year. Once again a big thank you and take care. All the best Ross.

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  6. Just returned from a 2 day flintknapping Masterclass with Will Lord. Will and Sarah were wonderfully warm and accommodating; nothing was any trouble, the made feel welcome and relaxed. Will taught me some deep insights into flintknapping and left me more able to flintknapp independently. Will is a patient and structured teacher that left me inspired and humbled by is unassuming skill and knowledge. He is an eclectic teacher and is happy to share his knowledge on other Primitive Technology skills. It is an awesome experience to share in Will's philosophy -he is truly the 'Master'. it would be 'rude' not to go to him for his knowledge, skills and wisdom relating to all things that we call Primitive Technology. Brilliant value.

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  7. I would just like to say a big thank you to Will for all of your help on the long bow making course I attended a couple of weeks ago, it was a fantastic way to spend a weekend. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, the pace of the course was ideal, nothing was rushed, but looking back a lot amazing results were achieved in the 2 days.

    I have shoot the bow every week since making it, and everyone in the club is amazed at how well it looks and shoots. I have already booked it in for its first competition next June, the bow I am sure will perform brilliantly, it’s the archer that will let it down!!

    I highly recommend your bow making course, I wouldn’t think experience with tools is necessary as you are at hand to answer every question, and demonstrate every process.

    The finished product would not look out of place on the shelf in any archery shop, which says more for your teaching ability than it does for my wood working skills!! I could have spent a lot more in an archery shop and come away with a very similar bow, but to have had the opportunity to make it myself, under the guidance of someone who knows what they are talking about, and can pass on some of that skill is priceless.

    Once again many thanks, and congratulations on a well thought out and run course. I hope to be back soon to make a quiver.

    Andrew Watts.

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  8. The children learnt so much in many different ways about not just Stone Age people but respecting animals and an unexpected for us was not judging by appearances. So many said how scared they were but then you were friendly so lead to discussion about people looking different and being openminded.
    Lots of teachers also brought their classes round for a peek and said this is what we should be doing so much more of. Your visit had a great ripple effect and was way better than we could have hoped. We have passed on how great the day was to other teachers who will book with you I believe. Certainly we will be contacting you for next year!

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  9. Mr Lord Sir,

    You make flint knapping look so easy, and demonstrate a truly synergistic & deep understanding with all the material you work with.

    I found my brief time with you very humbling, and I've come away with more than I hoped for, a very real sense of a need to learn more and reconnect with our surroundings, and see them from different ways.

    Please also thank Sarah and Lynn for the warm hospitality shown to us all.

    See you soon

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  10. Will,

    Thanks for a really great weekend, Chris and I had a enjoyable and fun weekend. I am very pleased with my Bow. Your help in making it means I can be proud to show it off!

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  11. Will ,
    what a journey a weekend I'll remember forever and a bow that's gonna have a lot of love
    Thanks for a fantastic weekend your skills are a credit to you it was a pleasure thank Sarah for the food best wishes to you all

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  12. I have made three separate purchases recently - the last these being for three flint knife blades. The only issue that could ever have is that I am trouble for getting the knife-making bug - big time!

    Wonderful website, with loads of tempting things to think about, if not buy. Every purchase (starting with a really great finished flint knife, and then "bits to make my own") have been promptly shipped and delivered, absolutely spot on with regard to specification and expectation - and will look increasingly "good" as my skills improve!.

    I guess that I'll just have to keep buying, maybe attend a course or two! No need to go anywhere else for information and products - you tick all the boxes, as far as I'm concerned, for reliability of services, quality of products, and range of tempting ideas at an affordable price. Sorry I can't give more than 100% - you're worth it!!!!

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  13. Hi,I have just purchased one of Will's 5 x laminates longbows,not only is it a beautiful thing to look at,it is an awesome and powerful weapon which sends arrows thudding into the target,with accuracy and speed,no hand shock or stacking.Made from a flawless bamboo back with Pau amarello sandwiched between Purple Heart and a choice Lemon wood belly.@ 65lb at 30"....totally love this bow.thankyou Will.

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  14. We just finished a brilliant long weekend combining Will's Flint Knapping and Bronze Casting Workshops (tailored to our interests). Had done no flint work or metal working but was really interested in the processes employed by stone age and bronze age peoples. With Will's guidance gained a great understanding of the skills and knowledge required to manufacture tools from flint and from bronze. We also have a really nice 'horde' of flint axe heads , bronze axe heads, a sword and assorted arrow heads.
    We are hoping to meet up with Will again in the near future and look at the skills and knowledge of the iron age.
    All this plus good hospitality and good food.

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  15. Will is a legend !! I did a two day longbow making coarse and learn't a hell of a lot from an extremely knowledgeable, friendly fantastic teacher. I came away with a beautiful bow I could not believe I made.Many thanks Will, oh by the way Sarah, Will's wife is great cook ;)

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  16. After having previously spend a day with Will on one of his flint knapping workshops I arrived on Saturday morning for a longbow making course with high expectations, confident of an enjoyable couple of days ahead. These high expectations still turned out to be vastly understated as I went from one stage of awe to the next as we moved from one stage of bow making to another, to another - each aspect of the bows I, my two brother's and our friend crafted was entirely of our own choices and preferences and, under Will's expert guidance, almost wholly by our own hands, the only exceptions being the odd hiccup, even these happening far less frequently than one might think (a testament to Will's skill and care).

    Without going into too much detail, at the end of the two fantastic days (and two fantastic meals cooked by the lovely Sarah) I ended up with a beautiful piece, possibly as bespoke a bow as it could possibly be (my own choice and combination of wood, horn string, animal hide etc. etc.) certainly worth far more than the course fee, and that without even touching the sentimental value of a bow designed and crafted myself, fine tuned to my own strength.

    Couldn't be recommended highly enough, this and any other of Will's courses. I shall certainly be seeing him again soon.

    Thanks Will!

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  17. Will,

    Thanks for the gun flints you did a really great job! I also appreciate the prompt service especially on such a large order. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.

    Stephen Dick

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  18. Will and Sarah,
    Thanks for a brilliant weekend on the bow and arrow making workshops. I had an amazing time and can¡¦t stop showing them off and telling them all about it to anyone who will listen! Every time I look at them I can¡¦t seem to get rid of the stupid grin on my face, I am so proud of what I have achieved through your expert tuition; you have a passion and knowledge second to none. Thank you also for your kind hospitality.
    Anyone thinking of taking these workshops stop thinking about it and DO IT, I promise you will not be disappointed.
    Will Lord you are a legend ļ

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  19. Will and Sarah

    I want to thank you both for a fantastic three days of arrow and bow making.

    I was apprehensive at first, wondering if I had the woodworking skills to achieve my aim of making a useable bow. However, I shouldn't have worried because the calm and enthusiastic manner in which Will guided me through each stage, gave me the confidence to tackle every aspect. I never imagined that my bow would look so great or be such a quality product. The woods used in my stave where amazing. Shooting some arrows, from my bow, for the first time on the Sunday afternoon gave me great pleasure and a huge sense of achievement. The bow is very whippy and fast, so shouldn't have any problems shooting down the range at my local club.

    I would thoroughly recommend attending one of Wills' courses, as you will feel relaxed and part of the family from the offset. Personally I found it a great way to chillout and forget any other worries and thoughts which normally whizz through my head. The fact is that you are so engrossed in what you are doing, that you can only think about the task in hand.

    So once again a huge thank you for an amazing journey and a unique handmade bow.


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  20. To Will and Sarah

    Thank you both firstly for your great hospitality and kindness, it was like spending the weekend in the company of old friends. Secondly, well what can I say other than what a brilliant workshop. Will's teaching and guidance was excellent. His knowledge and understanding of how a bow should move and be built is first class. I couldn't be happier with my bow. It far exceeded my expectations and the arrow making was great, I left the workshop with a beautiful bow and some stunning arrows, awesome!
    To anyone reading this, it is a brilliant workshop and well worth the time and money. I would love to do it again.
    Thanks again.

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  21. Hi Will and Sarah,

    Thank you for a totally awesome bow making experience. We really enjoyed your company over the two days and the insight we got into your life, experience and knowledge of the world we live in was brilliant. The care you showed in guiding us towards making some great looking bows, the attention to detail, the patience, and the expertise that you show really blew us away. As did your hospitality, humour and companionship.

    Thank you for an amazing experience which we will certainly be looking to follow on with, perhaps some more bow making with some arrow making on top hehe.

    Thank you both so much!

    Good luck in everything you persue, keep the fire burning!

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  22. Both of us enjoyed your Prehistoric weekend very much....I would love to see a Prehistoric (Long) weekend. A four day event would be totally amazing and would allow for folks to really get their teeth into single projects if they wanted or to cover a range of smaller projects in more detail.

    We would love to say thank you to everyone there, the care and organisation and the thought towards making this a friendly and communal event is unparalleled. So a massive thank you to Will, Sarah, John, Val, Nick, Carol, James, Terry and Terry, Badger, Tracy, Cath and Phil and Lin for all your thoughts and knowledge, and the openness you have shown to all seeking to share in this experience.

    Cant wait for the next one!!!

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  23. The Prehistoric Experience Weekend was the highlight of my year so far! Such a wide range of skills to learn and have a go at with excellent,knowledgeable, patient (think I may have tested this!) and friendly instructors. I've learned loads, met fantastic people and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! Thank You!!
    2014? Count me in!!

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  24. https://www.facebook.com/jon.adkin?ref=tn_tnmn#!/photo.php?fbid=10151572685126838&set=a.10151572684871838.1073741833.683086837&type=3&theater

    For some years now, Will has been holding similar events, forging links with friends old and new. Links with archaeologists, (professional and amateur), the curious, the obsessed, rock and bronze botherers and enthusiasts of all flavours. What a great weekend Will - and what a pleasure to meet old - and make some new friends. As always!

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  25. Just back from the Prehistoric Weekend event and had a fantastic time! It was planned to perfection and the level of tuition & variety of skills to learn was unrivalled. The course leaders were all experts in their fields and the event attracted some wonderful people. Thanks to Will & Sarah and all the guys we met that made the experience so enjoyable. We're already looking forward to the 2014 event.

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  26. Prehistoric Weekend - 27th & 28th April.

    A wonderful welcoming, sharing, sociable, informative joy of an event to attend – it felt like coming home and I was very sad to leave.

    Spoilt for choice and wanted to do everything - but not enough time! (4 days next year please) Highlights for me were Nick’s butchery session, Tel's pottery and conversation, Val's cordage, Will's impromptu bronze casting, and being able to spend a little time with John. "Don't decide what you want to make with a piece of flint - let it tell you". His patience with those learning knapping is amazing, and he takes such obvious pleasure in sharing his knowledge and skills. And of course all of the conversation and conviviality around the camp fire were a pleasure. As soon as bookings are open for next year I'm in! Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a special weekend.

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  27. Just arrived home fom the most amazing Prehistoric Weekend!

    Thanks to Will and all the gang for all their hard work in making this an exceptional experience. The company of like-minded friends old and new, lots of new skills learnt and plenty of fun to boot! Thanks for a fantastic time!

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  28. How fine to meet a modern day caveman!
    Working with the water and fire in the flint at a recent knapping workshop brought me closer to my ancestors - for if they had not 'cracked' her, 'falked' him and honoured their gifts and skills then probably none of us would be here today.
    What a real joy to work in this way and be taught by such a gentle and caring 'Master' of his many trades.
    Don't miss the chance to go on one of these days.

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  29. What a fantastic day! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Flint Knapping Introduction workshop

    Will Lord is a master of his craft.

    On arrival we were pleasently greeted and welcomed into his beautiful outdoor workshop. Set in a circle under conopy with a big fire in the middle encompassed with fur covered benches. I wish i brought my camera......PLONKER!

    Learning hands on at my own pace, under Wills expert guidance i fashioned a flint Barbed & Tanged Arrowhead. It looks awesome!

    I cant wait to do the Longbow workshop.

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  30. What a fantastic experience! I went on Will's bronze casting course and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it, from learning how to smelt copper and building a furnace to casting in bronze. I had such a great time that I have booked my place to return for the Prehistoric Weekend. Thank you!

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