This is a 1 day course aimed at teaching you how to create a net. The day will begin with you constructing a needle and gauge that will be yours to keep.

We will then look at options of cordage available in nature and spend approximately an hour learning cordage techniques. However this will not produce the quantity required for you to get through the day so you will proceed with a commercial twine for your net. 

Following this you will be shown how to load your needle and set out the basic principles to proceed into net making.




This is aimed primarily at getting you started and enjoying the craft of net production, we will cover expanding and reducing net sizes and reasons you would do this, but for this course the aim will be for you to create a straight forward rectangle net.

The course runs from 9.30 am untill 4.30pm

Refreshments will be available but please note the course is self catering.

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