Descend 4000 years into a rarely opened flint mine. Make your own flint axe head, and share in a juicy venison spit roast accompanied by a hearty vegetable stew lunch.

Only opened a few times a year to preserve its rich quality of being untouched, the Cannon Greenwells pit will be opened specially for you during this tour.

4000 year old antlers still laying where they were left by the miners.

Grimes Graves Ultimate Flintknapping Tour

Grimes Graves is the largest group of Neolithic 4000 year old Flint mines in the world, located in Thetford Forest in the heart of Breckland. During your day here you will get to go back 4000 years and experience how flint was mined and used during this period. After a magnificent and hearty lunch you then get to have a go at knapping a flint axe head of your very own. On completion of this day you will have;

- A good understanding of how to choose a piece of flint to make an axe head

- A basic understanding of the principles of flintknapping

- A spark of experience that will get you started on your journey to become an experienced flintknapper if that is what you would like to do

Schedule of the day

We’ll start the day at Grimes Graves but then move on to the earth lodge for the second part of the day (lunch and flintknapping).

Grimes Graves 8:45am Arrivals

Grimes Graves 9:00am Introductions; Where we all meet up for a brew or coffee and get to know one another.

Grimes Graves 9:30am Watch how the axes were made with a demonstration of Flintknapping covering the main skills needed to produce flint tools.

Grimes Graves 10:00am Gear up; A brief trip to the museum to get fitted up with hats and harnesses, followed by the spectacular decent into the Cannon Greenwells Pit, a truly unspoiled experience that takes you back 4000 years in time.

Earth Lodge 12:30am The Feast at the Earth Lodge; Go back in time and gorge yourself on a delicious Venison spitroast and some home made chunky vegetable stew!!

Earth Lodge 1:30pm The art of Flint Knapping demonstrated again to give you the chance to recall the techniques and skills of this ancient craft.

Earth Lodge 2:00pm The beginning; This is where you start your life journey as a Flintknapper, pick up the Antler and stone and start striking Flint

Earth Lodge 4:00pm The conclusion; This is the end of the day, take a moment to step back and let the experience sink in, don't say good bye, say good journey because you never know when we are going to see each other again


Cost per person £145



Many thanks to Will and the gang for a fantastic day at Grimes Graves. It's always a great pleasure to see Will and he just seems to attract really nice cool people, so it's always great fun. I rarely get the chance to talk about prehistory and primitive skills so it's fantastic to spend time with like-minded people. It was an awesome day, a fantastic privilege to descend into the depths of the Canon Greenwell pit. I will always remember.

Ed Dupree

What can I say, today, thanks to William Lord I had the privilege of experiencing a neolithic flint mine not open to the general public, and so much more...No words can express how it felt. After studying archaeology under some amazing people over the years, this has to be the most profound experience I have had, and I've had a few!Will was kind enough to understand my fear of small spaces, but strong enough to let me just get along and deal with it myself. This to me is true leadership.On Wills invitation I placed my hand on a antler pic that was left there 4500 years ago by the worker, in situ, and I don't mind admitting when the lights were off there was a tear in my eye. To gain even a millisecond of connection... is quite simply mind blowing for me... at that moment I felt the person, the presence, 4500 years ago, it was like I was there.Will was kind enough to let me have my own time in a very special place... and then took me above ground to work some flint and teach me more than possibly he will ever understand. Thank you Will.Don't hang around, theres been a small hand full of people down this mine, and Will has unprecedented access, it will close very soon as it is deemed in the H&S quagmire to be potentially unsafe.... book with Will, you will not be disappointed. I meet so many people that say next year, Id say no... not next year, this year... because life moves on.But even if you do not get down the mine, his teaching is wonderful... Thank you Will

Jason Ingamells (Woodland Ways)


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