Grimes Graves Chalk Goddess Creation Course

Come and join us on a magical experience to recreate, an ancient chalk goddess from Grimes Graves left by the ancient flint miners 4000 years ago.

You will carve your goddess using flint tools after selecting your own piece of special chalk from around Grimes Graves.

During the course, you will visit where this ancient goddess was left and experience the site in a way that is unique to this special experience.

While you are producing your Goddess we will teach you how to get the best results from the flint tools and help you to carve her into form.

Alongside the carving and the experience, we will explore why ancient people carved Goddesses and what these fascinating artefacts really meant.

The Miners who dug the flint at Grimes Graves, left evidence of ritual and spiritual practices, the mindset of their behaviour is something that this course covers and will undoubtedly become a footprint in your own heart and a memory that your own personal Goddess will represent to you.

The course begins at 9.30am and ends at 4.00pm

Location: Grimes Graves, Lynford, Thetford, Norfolk. IP26 5DE


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