Held at Grimes Graves, 4000, year old Neolithic flint mines.


will-lord prehistoric sewing kit

This primitive skills course is an excellent course teaching you what is available from an animals carcass other than just the meat and considered as a real stone age awakening.

The hunter gatherers of the past would have recognised that a hunted animal could provide a vast range of possibilities beyond the feast that it provided.

During the 2 days you will learn how to butcher a deer and and cook the meat over an open fire for lunch during the event, then with the aid of flint tools such as scrapers and burins you will create artifacts that were used during the stone age. Some typical items are shown in the picture below, plus tanning a small section of hide if you choose.

will-lord bone work

The course brings this period to life in a most valuable way, as you begin to not only understand the time taken to produce small and effective life essentials, but helps us to value how the whole animal can be consumed and honoured for the life that has been taken. 

This course is available for £120 per person for a 2 day experience so that you have a truly memorable experience and hopefully make some new friends during your experience with us, therefore you will be invited to camp on location 

Camping on Grimes Graves is extremely magical with its natural skyline where you are surrounded in history and natural beauty, this can only be experienced while attending my courses due to the special permission I have managed to obtain.

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Each day begins at 9.30am and finishes at 4.00pm