Primitive Carving Workshop 30th Sept -1st Oct 2017 

30th September-1st October 2017

Over 2 days you will have the perfect opportunity to come and learn some techniques and explore various materials to create some artifacts such as the famous Venuses and animal totems left behind from the last retreating ice age.

During the 2 day course you will be given burins/drills and assistance to make various flint tools that were used by the creative artists of our past.

Will Lord will be accompanied by finely skilled artist/carver Scott Knight who has an amazing range of skills that this course and its attendants will benefit from greatly, please take a moment to view his work with the link below. 

As this is viewed by us to be a special event for not only ourselves, but our clients also, you will be invited to camp on our premises where you can enjoy sitting around the fire under our roundhouse where you can cook and share the experience together.

To join us on this event please press HERE